Through the Waters

Refresh: Week 2

Refresh: Week 2

Summary: There’s a repeated theme in Scripture of people being saved by passing through or coming through the water. The renewal, redemption and regeneration that water brings are often also connected to God’s Spirit. In this lesson we explore some of those stories and look at the ways the New Testament writers connect that imagery to baptism.

Scriptures: Genesis 6-8, Exodus 14-15, Colossians 2:6-15

Series Description: Metaphor and imagery are important concepts in connecting the narrative of Scripture. One important element is water, which is presented in both real and metaphorical instances. We find that water in Scripture often carries with it notes of transformation, redemption and salvation. This series explores the narrative use of water over the course of Scripture, culminating with a look at baptism and the ways in which many of those same redemptive elements are experienced in the waters of baptism.

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