Refresh: The Transforming & Redeeming Waters of Scripture



NOTE: Due to a technical difficulty, part of this sermon was not recorded. At the 30:10 mark, the audio cuts out and comes back a few seconds later. This represents where the missing content is, about 2-3 minutes of missing sermon. We apologize for the mistake.

Summary: Water in Scripture often has a renewing or transformative nature. But dark and chaotic waters are also used as imagery for danger and evil. In this lesson, we explore that imagery and the overarching narrative in Scripture of God having power over the dark waters and bringing order to chaos. 

Scriptures: Genesis 1:1-10, Revelation 22:1-5

Series Summary: This Sunday we will begin a new sermon series entitled Refresh. In this series we will look at the theme and metaphor of water that runs throughout the narrative of Scripture. The sea and water would have had a connotation of chaos and danger in the ancient world — and at times water is visualized and utilized with that understanding in Scripture. But water in Scripture also carries with it notes of transformation, redemption and salvation. We will take a look at some of the ways this plays out over the course of Scripture — in the ways that water connects Genesis and Revelation, in the story of Noah, in Jesus’ ministry and more — and end the series with a look at baptism and the ways in which many of those same redemptive elements are experienced in the waters of baptism.

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