Paul and the Old Testament (The Apostle: Week 3)


Paul quotes, references and alludes to the “Old Testament” (that’s not what Paul would call it) quite a bit. For Paul, Jesus was the key that unlocked the message and overarching narrative of Scripture. In this lesson we look at how Paul now looks back on Scripture in light of his new life in Christ and think about the implications for our lives, our approach to Scripture and more. 

Scriptures: I Corinthians 10:1-4, 15:3-4

Series Description: Many of our thoughts about faith, church and Jesus come from the writings of Paul. What do we know about Paul the person that can help us understand what he wrote? And what threads and themes do we find over the course of his writings that give us insight into the things Paul valued and prioritized? We’ll think about these questions and others in this four-week series. 

The Vine