Rock-Bottom Prayers (Jonah Week 2)

Jonah Week 1.003.jpeg

Jonah has been on a downward descent up to this point in the story, and now he’s at rock bottom. How will he respond? And what can we learn from Jonah’s “belly-of-the-fish" prayer? 

Scriptures: Jonah 2; Various Psalms

Series Description: This is week 2 of a study of Jonah. The book of Jonah is a fascinating, beautifully crafted look at a terrifically flawed and seemingly unloving prophet of God. But more importantly, it’s a book about a God who is patient, loving and extravagantly gracious. The narrative contains encouraging insight into the nature of God and challenging insight into the nature of people. It’s a book that invites many questions — questions about the narrative itself and questions about our own lives, faith and journeys. 

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