Jonah: A Story about God's Extravagant Grace

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Jonah: A Story about God's Extravagant Grace

The book of Jonah is a fascinating, beautifully crafted look at a terrifically flawed and seemingly unloving prophet of God. But more importantly, it’s a book about a God who is patient, loving and extravagantly gracious. The narrative contains encouraging insight into the nature of God and challenging insight into the nature of people. It’s a book that invites many questions — questions about the narrative itself and questions about our own lives, faith and journeys.

In this first episode, Jonah begins running from God early in the book. He ends up on a boat in a raging storm when the other sailors pepper him with questions, all of which point toward one central idea: “Who is Jonah?” This lesson is an introduction to Jonah — the person and the book — and looks at how Jonah’s answer to the sailors’ questions gives insight into his identity and decision to run.  

Scriptures: Jonah 1

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