Chasing Ghosts

Ghost Stories: Week 1

Ghost Stories: Week 1

This sermon is the first in a series titled “Ghost Stories”.

Samuel nears retirement, there’s a question of who will follow him as Israel’s leader. Others in Israel are ready to ditch their current system in favor of a king, a change that would mean more than a change in governance and instead represents a desire to replace God as their king and chase “ghost gods.” Just like Israel, there are times when we chase ghosts, but our call to holiness challenges us to examine such pursuits.  

Scriptures: I Samuel 8, 12

Series Description: I Samuel is a book of stories. Stories that dig deep into the hear, motivations and decisions of individuals and people groups. And perfect for Fall, there are even a few ghost stories and supernatural elements. These stories drive some important narratives in the book and have meaningful messages for us today.  

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