At The Vine, we are a church striving to be rooted in God, growing in Christ and reaching the world. 


Rooted in God

  • As a church, we commit to:

    • Offer worship experiences that are centered on exalting God through praise and adoration.

    • Provide preaching and teaching that is insightful, Bible-based, and relevant to the lives of our members and guests. 

    • Create an environment that seeks to remove barriers to a person’s commitment to Christ and the church.

  • As members, we commit to: 

    • Continually strive for a greater knowledge of God and Scripture and an appreciation for their importance in our lives. 

    • See worship as a lifestyle and response to God’s love, grace and mercy as displayed most vividly in the gift of His son.

    • Recognize our need for a Savior and make a decision to put our trust and faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. 


Growing in Christ

  • As a church, we commit to: 

    • Provide opportunities for study and discussion of Scripture and faith-based materials in classroom, small group, and individual settings in which each member’s voice and input is valued. 

    • Foster and encourage an environment of love, inclusion and mutual support as we collectively seek to be transformed into the image of Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. 

    • Value and engage our youth and children through teaching and mentoring opportunities and other Christ-centered, faith-building, fun experiences. 

  • As members, we commit to: 

    • Develop and maintain a strong prayer life and personal relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    • Play an active and vital role in spiritual formation activities — as a participant and facilitator, helper, mentor or teacher. 

    • Strengthen our ability to think critically about Scripture and its place in our life as we develop a Kingdom-focused perspective. 


Reaching the World

  • As a church, we commit to: 

    • Seek opportunities to partner with other groups to address social, physical and spiritual needs globally and in our community. 

    • Increasingly live out Jesus’ call to be a good neighbor in more intentional and impactful ways. 

    • Emphasize small groups and participation in a group for the purposes of support, developing relationships within the church family and community outreach. 

  • As members, we commit to: 

    • Invite others into relationship with Jesus and participate in the work of making disciples. 

    • Be an involved and active member of a small group. 

    • Participate in the ministry of The Vine and the work of the Kingdom  through sacrificial giving and utilization of spiritual gifts. 

"The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become."  - C.S. Lewis

"The more we let God take us over, the more truly ourselves we become." - C.S. Lewis